Supposed Silent Hill Teased Was Removed by Anonymous Third Party

Supposed Silent Hill Teased Was Removed by Anonymous Third Party

If there was a video game franchise that warrants to make a comeback, then Quiet Hill is A franchise which many in the gambling community would look at a sound response. Widely considered as one of the strongest and terrifying survival horror series ever created, Silent Hill has had a very long dry spell that lots of lovers have grown restless over. Although, a movie clip that assumedly teases the launch of a brand new Silent Hill name was shot down, but not by Konami.

A current meeting with Silent Hill’s composer, Akira Yamaoka, which Al Hub has published, was removed. Al Hub was asked to take out the clip as well as the firm obliged. But, based on Al Hub, the company that asked that the movie be removed wasn’t Konami, as most from the gambling community justifiably supposed, awarded Konami’s secrecy using the match.

Al Hub lately Released a statement describing how the information outlet was asked to select the interview with Yamaoka down. The information outlet later Tweeted outside, stating that Konami wasn’t accountable for the movie’s elimination and that it rather came from an unknown third-party. Leaving many in the area to wonder which firm may have asked the clip’s elimination.

Otherwise, Konami, then the Next logical suspect is Sony, but with no actual evidence to strengthen the claim, it’s finally speculation. Inequity, Yamaoka has collaborated on several different jobs outside Silent Hill, including The Moderate and Contra. Therefore, it’s likely that what he stated in the interview may be about another endeavor.

Though, Yamaoka was famously in the center of each one of Silent Hill’s soundtracks. He worked on the soundtrack into the Silent Hill growth of Dead by Daylight. Therefore, it is safe to state that if There’s a brand new Silent Hill at Advancement, he will be involved in some capacity. What’s more, from the meeting, Yamaoka did state the game, which would presumably be declared this summer, is just one which fans have been trying for some time now.

Regardless, this entire situation is quite peculiar. It might only come down to the simple fact that lovers are searching for any reason that they can to presume that a fresh Silent Hill match is in development, but there is not sufficient to support this theory. Although, it’s intriguing that Konami wasn’t the one to take out the clip. This anonymous third party may have something to do with a brand new Quiet Hill. It is very important to consider the achievement that Resident Evil was having since the launch of Resident Evil 7. If done correctly, a brand new game may easily bring Quiet Hill back .

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