GPS Arrow Origin Traced Back to Atari’s Asteroids

GPS Arrow Origin Traced Back to Atari’s Asteroids

GPS technology has become so commonplace that it’s easy to take the Technologies for granted. Therefore many easy-to-overlook inventions are dismissed when using this modern technology, including one special facet that found its origins in the foundational video game Asteroids.

One Of the first technologies in this area was that the Etak Navigator, first utilized in 1985. While this was not a conventional GPS, it might still monitor a car’s moves relative to a map. One merely had to indicate their place on booting up the apparatus; then, their relative position could be exhibited with vector images on a tiny CRT display. With this particular vector display, one’s place would be indicated utilizing a cursor that looks like the principal cursor of all the iconic Atari match, Asteroids.

It ends up, Etak was financed by a company of this Atari co-founder Nolan Bushnell. For this, the financiers and engineers supporting the Etak Navigator had an overlap with Atari itself. This resulted in the inspiration for this particular apparatus to utilize a vector image display and for one’s place to be represented via the same triangular cursor, which seemed at Asteroids. While Asteroids definitely didn’t invent the notion of a triangular cursor, the similarity remains fairly close upon scrutiny.

This shape continues to be used By GPS devices to this day, by the very initial Etak Navigator into the GPS you may find in their cell phone. It’s intriguing to consider that such a small, oft-ignored element of contemporary GPS devices had a source in this foundational title. Asteroids aren’t just among the most recognizable arcade games of all time, but they also helped contour apparatus still used now.

This bit of Trivia also actually demonstrate far much technology has come. Back in 1984, the Etak Navigator took visual inspiration from something like Asteroids, and in 2021, the Tesla Model S could play games such as Cyberpunk 2077. An individual can only wonder just how much vehicular technology will keep growing in the long run and when these modifications will likely continue to involve gambling somehow.

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