1999 Pokemon TCG Box Set Goes for Record Price at Auction

1999 Pokemon TCG Box Set Goes for Record Price at Auction

It’s not unusual to find Pokemon Trading Cards being marketed at very substantial rates since they’ve become things of interest for collectors. Lately, a box of Pokemon TCG cards has been sold at an absurdly large price, making it among the priciest collectible card trades ever.

Cards of those Pokemon TCG have been marketed at very substantial rates. By way of instance, a rare Blastoise card has been offered at $360,000. There’s been a card collection offered at $408,000, although it was an unopened box, which meant there was no method of knowing that cards could be indoors.

This time, the contents of that the Pokemon TCG place that has been auctioned Weren’t a puzzle. Considering that the car collection was the first edition from 1999, the group included every card premiered in said year.

The box was in excellent condition, and it comprised each card. That is exactly what causes it to be a rather interesting thing for PTCG collectors. The collection was sold at a shocking price of $666,000, plus it includes an original first version Charizard card that may be sold for $200,000 alone.

The auction site lists The Alakazam, Blastoise, Chansey, Charizard, Clefairy, Gyarados, Hitmonchamp, Machamp, Magneton, Mewtwo, Nidoking, Ninetales, Poliwrath, Raichu, Venasaur, and Zapdos as one of the group’s highlights. The group was also categorized as the “Gem Mint” condition that is the greatest for PTCG cards.

PTCG sets look like a Fantastic inversion For many collectors since the costs are reaching record-worthy rates. Besides, it doesn’t look like the fascination with the cards will fade anytime soon. The famed YouTuber, Logan Paul, has been allegedly spent roughly $2 million bucks on PTCG.

Besides, There are rumors that this season McDonald’s will launch collectible cards. Included in this Happy Meal’s toys, plus a few cards could also be reprinted that might be a symptom that the trend over Pokemon cards isn’t going away anytime soon.

Even though it feels like amassing PTCG is a safe bet, there’s absolutely no certainty regarding how much the cards will probably cost later. Even Though It looks like Pokemon cards’ popularity Is Only Going to increase In the months to come, there’s not any telling if this may really be a fantastic season for Pokemon card collectors. Nevertheless, Katy Perry has verified that she’s working with The Pokemon Company to make songs for the match, and additional collaborations with actors will probably be announced in the not too distant future.

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